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About Us

 As a provider of great experiences creating your own silk scarves, we take pride in offering several options of scarf sizes and weaves and quite a large selection of primary, bold and earthy colors. For your creative pleasure, we specially blend some various shades and hues for each outing. This produces colors used only at your venue, increasing the 'one of a kindness factor' a wee bit more.

 We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers.

 Scarves Happen creates water marbled decorated papers and fabrics. Our flagship product is a Habotai - China silk - scarf, being 14 inches wide by 6 feet in length,with hand rolled hems stitched with silk thread...designed and decorated by you.

 Scarves Happen also carries an inventory of scarves which we created in our studio. 

 Scarves Happen participates in regional art and craft shows.

 Scarves Happen will come to your home, business, church, social organization, club or office to create scarves for parties or fund raising ventures.

 Scarves Happen is capable of providing multiple tray stations, facilitating up to four scarf designers the ability to create simultaneously, reducing the wait time for larger parties (happenings).

 We are insured and welcome the opportunity to join you at your location.



manipulating the colors from the stone pattern to the first drawn pattern...the Gel-git