Scarves Happen ... when the silk hits the paint
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Please use this site to view our current schedule; contact us; learn a bit about the 500 year old art of Ebru as well as our style of water marbling.

Marbling is enjoyable art with an unlimited variety of patterns and color combinations. It never gets boring.

The art of ebru creates one time reverse mono prints, through floating drops of paint on water, manipulating those drops into patterns with a stylus or rakes and combs, then transferring the pattern to a piece of fabric, paper, wood, ceramic, or leather. 

In addition to bookbinding, marbled papers can be used for picture framing, place mats, note cards, desk sets, collages, origami, lampshades, and for covering just about anything such as boxes and cans.

Marbling on fabric was never very satisfactory, until  recent years, with the development of acrylic paints. The traditional marbling inks were just not durable enough to stand up to washing. Now, though, fine marbling can be done just as easily on cloth as on paper with these new paints. The colors are much more vivid and brilliant and long-lasting than ever in the past. The best fabrics to use are natural fibers, such as cotton and silk, since they will absorb the color better than artificial fibers.

You may also want to visit Scarves Happen on Face Book and view images of others making scarves at Scarf Happenings as they occurred

This image shows our mobile private Scarf Happenings set up, including a group of lovely women designing their own one of a kind scarf. We come to your venue...home parties with friends and family, bachelorette parties, mitzvoth, birthdays, fraternal organizations, work groups, church related gatherings and fund raising opportunities.                                  

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